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Double Wide Dresden Book & Ruler Combo

$30.00 / Coming Soon

The Double Wide Dresden Book and Ruler Combo!
Get both together for this great price!

The Double Wide Dresden Book:
What is a Double Wide Dresden? It's a fast, fun way to make classic Dresden blocks! These 36-drgree Dresdens require only 10 wedges (instead of the traditional 20). Cut sewing time in half and create all the beauty with none of the fuss. There's no hand-applique centers - instead, stars appear with no raw edges! You can even cut wedges from strip sets. Make all 13+ projects even easier with the companion Double Wide Dresen Ruler.

***Patterns included in book: Double Wide Dresden, Boxy Rectangle, Beach Ball, Dragonfly, Inchworm, Blue Moon, Spider Web, Gift Wrap, Happy Day!, Ladybug Picnic, I Heart Baby, Hourglass Hexie, and Tumbling Tumblers.

Double Wide Dresden Ruler:
Our Fast, Fun and Easy ruler makes Dresden Plates in half the time!

This 36 degree ruler allows you to make Dresden Plates using 10 wedges instead of the traditional 20 other rulers use. Twice as FAST!

Make Dresden wedges in half the time with no raw edges while creating a secondary star pattern in the center!

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